Photography Advice for Aspiring Photographer

Posted on Oct 3, 2015 in Inspiration, Tips

Today someone asked me:

I have been looking into becoming a professional photographer and was wondering if you had any advice for someone who has an interest in photography. What helped you become what you are today? Are there any specific degrees I should look out for?

My response was longer that I originally intended so I figured I’d post it for the whole world…


For me, photography is something I fell in to. I’ve always enjoyed taking photos and growing up I took every chance I could to document my activities.

I’d say over the years the biggest thing that’s worked for me is: try, try, and try again. Get out there an shoot. Use whatever camera you have and always try new things. When you see photos you like, think about why you like them. What makes them stand out to you? Then try to recreate that. Sometimes you’ll be limited from your equipment: low light, not enough zoom, or limited depth of field, but in time you’ll be able to make upgrades when necessary.

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