September 13, 2020

Almeda Fire 2020

What a crazy experience

At around 5pm, as the fire got worse, my friend and I zipped down into town to help my dad attempt to fortify his automotive shop. After 30-40 minutes we could tell it was only getting worse and was time to leave. After taking a break up in the hills away from the fire I drove back down on my motorcycle to evaluate the ongoing destruction. I filmed a few areas in Phoenix before heading to my parents for the evening. After arriving back home in Talent just before midnight I decided ride into the raging fire again to check on the fire’s path before going to bed – I’m glad I did. I captured some scary film and photos of the fire in Talent, talked to a guy who was watching as the last of his home burned to the ground, then saw the annihilation of neighborhoods and apartments in Phoenix. It was all quite surreal.

Now to hurry up and wait for first responders to make things safe and insurance to respond so we can all begin to rebuild our home towns